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Since I was a child, drawing has always been in my life and the taste for tattoos began when I was 10 years old, when my uncle showed me for the first time a tattoo that he had done on his arm. From there I was impressed as an ink could be engraved on the skin for life.
When I left school, my parents encouraged and supported me to study graphic design at an institute in Miraflores. In my free time, I earned a living juggling and street theater whenever I could participate in a traffic light and in an event.

In 2003 a friend invited me to work in what would be the first tattoo studio where all JJPool started. I was juggling and handing out brochures, and then I went to attend. For 2 years I learned everything about tattoos and body piercing. In 2005 I traveled to Brazil to train in piercing and one day a good friend in Brazil gave me my first tattoo machine. Return to Lima motivated with everything learned. I worked in different studios in Lima until I formed a partnership with a friend and we opened a tattoo studio in Miraflores. I was in charge of the studio for 5 years and during that time, I began to participate in conventions inside and outside the country which opened the doors to many opportunities in the field of tattooing, obtaining awards and recognitions in the Neo-traditional categories.

After the pandemic that affected many, I made the decision to emigrate to another country to continue learning and growing as an artist. That's how I got to VAULT TATTOO thanks to my great sponsor ELECTRUM SUPPLY I got to CHARLOTTE to get to know the Studio where I was going to work and from the first time I fell in love with the city that's how I started doing all my paperwork and managed to get my work visa and today Currently I am officially working in CHARLOTTE With new goals and dreams to fulfill in this new stage of my life that is full of much joy and blessings



20+ Years


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Lima, Peru

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