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Does Getting a Tattoo Hurt?

"Do tattoos hurt?"

A common question asked of those without tattoos to those who do.

The short answer is yes. The long answer is it's all relative and it depends a bit on where the tattoo is and who you are (but also, you're tough and your Mimik Tattoo is going to be awesome and you can do this).


More Details

During the average tattoo session, needles pierce the skin thousands of times, and the level of pain can greatly depend on several factors. Age, gender, placement, and size can all affect how tolerant one is to the pain of getting tattooed.

Typically, sensitive areas of the body will hurt the most. Tattoos placed on the wrists, feet, armpits, hands, head, and even the rib cage are known to be the most painful to get tattooed.

That is not to say that other areas will not hurt. The parts listed before are just common answers from those who have been tattooed in those areas. These areas are considered the most painful due to having very little muscle or fat or are covered in many nerve endings.

If you’re looking to get your first tattoo or want to choose a less painful area for your next one, the upper back, outer arm or calf, and any spot with an abundance of fat or muscle will be your best bet for a comfortable experience.

Long story short, all tattoos are painful to get but some placements are considered easier than others. If you have questions about where to place your tattoo or what to do to prepare yourself to sit through the pain, contact your artist! Artists are always eager to help make you as comfortable as possible

with your tattoo experience.

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