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Tattoo Healing Tips to Follow

Artist applying Saniderm to finished tattoo.
Artist applying Saniderm to finished tattoo.

The process of getting a tattoo doesn’t end after you’ve paid your artist and left the shop. Proper tattoo aftercare is extremely important to ensure your tattoo heals well and continues to look great afterward. Here are some aftercare tips to follow:

  • Keep your tattoo covered until you get home, or no longer than 1 hour. This ensures that no bacteria or debris from traveling gets onto your fresh tattoo.

  • If you choose to use Saniderm, keep it on for 5-7 days and remove it under warm running water.

  • Wash your tattoo with gentle, antibacterial soap. Be sure to wash your hands before!

  • Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Do not rub or use a cloth towel to dry. Pieces of the fabric from the towel could get into your tattoo and irritate the skin.

  • Apply a small amount of non-scented lotion, like Aveeno, to the tattooed area.

  • You should wash and lotion your tattoo two to three times per day for at least two weeks.

  • Do not pick at or scratch your tattoo. This will cause irritation and the possibility of damaging your tattoo.

  • Do not submerge your tattoo in any water including baths for at least two weeks after getting your tattoo.

  • Avoid direct exposure to UV rays and do not use sunscreen on a fresh tattoo. Keep it covered for at least two weeks if planning to be outside in the sun.

  • Wear loose clothing to avoid rubbing against the tattoo as it heals.

If you have any questions about tattoo aftercare it is best to reach out to your artist or the tattoo shop where you got it done! Artists are always happy to help ensure your tattoo heals well and that their work looks great. Remember, after leaving the shop, the rest is up to you. You must properly care for your tattoo in order for it to heal correctly.

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